Jan 9, 2009

Building activemq from source with m2eclipse on Mac OsX

On Mac OsX, when building activemq from source using the neat m2eclipse import maven project feature, the activemq-fileserver module fails with error:
'Access restriction: The type HttpURLConnection is not accessible due to restriction on required library /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Classes/classes.jar'.

This is in fact, a reasonable error. It is not desirable to have a dependency on a sun internal class. When using a sun jdk it is not really an issue but the default eclipse java builder on OsX is using the Apple JVM and the java builder is correctly configured to consider this sort of reference an error. To get a clean build this error needs to be reduced to a warning.

The option to disable is at:
Eclipse -> Preferences -> Java ->
Compiler ->
Errors/Warnings ->
Deprecated and restricted API ->
Forbidden reference (access rules)
Change the drop down selection from Error to Warning.

Should this be fixed? Yeah, we should probably depend on commons http client instead. I will need to dig a little further to understand why access to the implementation class is needed in the first place.
Short term, suppressing this error allows the build to proceed.

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Jeff Poetker said...

I don't suppose you know what magic needs specified to get this behavior on the command line? I have a maven plugin that wants to use the AnnotationProcessorFactory from sun, which is apparently restricted on OS X.

I can get classes.jar in the classpath fine, but I get the restricted access errors when I try to build with maven.